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Do you need a (better) web site?

To have a succesful business you need to get a significant amount of targeted traffic to your web site and have very effective web usability, to achieve a cost effective conversion rate.

Now: get your web site ready for 2017 with a responsive web site, to make sure every device can view your web site in an optimal way!

Nozzie is specializing in ecommerce web design for small business: create a web site, drive traffic, add shopping cart, user friendly interface, sales to international customers.

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Nozzie provides several cost-effective solutions to get a significant amount of new clients to your web site and convert more visitors to clients due to improved web usability.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be very significant for obtaining new customers to your web site on a cost effective way. Top ranking in search engines means significant more (targeted) traffic to the web site. SEO should be applied when designing the web site.

Web Usability

Getting all that traffic to your web site does not mean you will sell your product/ service. Improving the conversion rate is essential. Creating a functional web site where customers can find what they are looking for, and understand why to choose your company.


ecommerce web design san diego

Interested in learning how to create/ maintain a web site?

I personally train professionals to get knowledge in web design and Internet marketing. Training/ consulting provided on-site.

Independent Consultant

Not sure which company to hire to get your web site done?

Get an independent consultation about how to hire the web design company you really need.

Web Design Training Courses:

SEO - Search Engine Optimization
Learn how to design/ re-design your web site to generate significant more sales from your web site.



Getting significant more potential clients to your web site through search engines.

Converting more visitors into customers means more sales.



Paying the large online advertising companies a good idea?

How to advertise online effectively? How to achieve top ranking in search engines without paying for advertisements?


Web development has come a long way. Nozzie is going back to the year 2000 when HTML were hand coded in Notepad and viewed in IE and Netscape. FrontPage was the popular HTML editor, but Dreamweaver took over soon.

Currently web design for all devices seems key. You do not want to have a web design company redesign your web site just for a phone or Ipad. It would be more efficient to have "responsive design" which web site would look great on all devices.


PPC marketing, retargeting and more. How do we get new customers (at a decent price) and how make existing customer purchase again (2017)?

You might have figured out that Wordpress web site might be affordable but do these web site really are a money maker? Do you really want to compete or be the best?

Interesting developments are:

Remarketing: re-targeting visitors to your web site, the ads will follow them on other web sites to come back and complete the purchase.

Responsive Design: with multiple devices accessing the Internet, the size of the web site has to be adjusted based of the device, responsive web design does that.

Bootstrap, jQuery, which focuses on responsive design (all devices) adn easy Javscript (animation) integration.

Why Nozzie?

  • 15 Years SEO Experience
  • Extensive Knowledge in Business Management/ Marketing
  • #1 Ranking in search engines for dozens of web sites at reasonable cost
  • Reliable, professional
  • Keep maintenance cost low

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Web Design Training Classes
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Web Site Design for a Small Business
Get a no-nonsense web site online within weeks. Potential visitors can find you in search engines and company info and contact in

Start-up Ecommere Web Design
I will tell you straight to the point or your new ideas for launching a ecommerce web site will make sense, what the cost will be to maintain and how realistic it is the web site will be profitable for the long term.


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