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SEO = Search Engine Optimization

How to use SEO as an effective marketing tool to achieve profitable results online.

What is SEO and what can you expect of SEO?

When Nozzie used SEO techniques in 2001, significant results were measurable within weeks. With limited effort and cost web sites in all categories would achieve huge profits/ sales form effective SEO. Nowadays the impact of SEO is less significant but still often more cost effective than other ways of marketing/ advertising.

Google compared with Yahoo and Bing

Summarized: Yahoo and Bing will based on keyword density, domain name/ html page name, page titles return top ranking, google will put more emphasize on the external links coming to the web site (page rank).

What can you expect with SEO?

Not using SEO techniques will result in very limited / no ranking in search engines = no sales = no cash flow

Implementing SEO for a new web site (SEO can be implemented more effective when developing a web site, instead of trying to work with an existing web site):

  • One time implementing SEO to the web site including keyword phrases, good page titles, seo-friendly navigation and moderate external incoming links will give the web site good exposure within 3- 6 months. Adding more web pages (with relevant keyword phrases) will further point the web site to the top of the search engines.
  • Full-time monitoring SEO, when done right, can result in #1 - #3 ranking for specific keyword phrases. Common sense will tell that #1 ranking for "diamonds" might cost $20K a month, "organic bakery chula vista" might cost $30 a month. Also expect 1- 2 year for very competitive key phrases to see any results. More specific "white gold diamond ring" could be a reasonable goal for the first 3 months.

Other forms of Internet marketing are:

  • PPC Advertising - pay-per-click
  • Social media marketing, getting more leads for blogs, youtube, facebook, myspace and blogger



top ranking in search engines = more visitors at a low cost = more new customers

more visitors and better conversion = more sales

better web site = more conversion = more cash flow

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SEO - Search engine Optimization

Sponsored Results:
Paid advertisement with Google, Yahoo, Bing and several smaller search engines. Most of the sponsored listings are text advertisements, and are paid per click (ppc) directly to the search engine. Based on the highest bid and relevance your ad will be placed accordingly.

Top Ranking in Google, Yahoo, Bing (Google, Altavista, Excite, Yahoo and several other search engines in 2000), compared 2000 with 2010:

2000: #1 Ranking meant your web site was on the very top of the returned result page for the search.
2010: #1 Ranking means your web site is on the bottom/middle of the returned result page for the search, below the sponsored links, local listings and/or product results.

SEO in 2010 compared with SEO in 2005 and 2000

2010: It takes longer to get high ranking in search engines, especially in Google
2010: META tags are not significant to achieve high ranking
2010: External links to the web site help, good link structure and formatting on the web site helps too
2010: Keyword phrases on the web page(s) will help, too many does not help however

Sponsored results take over slowly most of the search page, which leads to more clicks form potential customers on these listings. Very competitive keyword phrases will show 4 listings on the top in Google, less competitive keyword phrases will return only 1 or 2 sponsored results on the top.

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