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Services provided:

  • SEO, organic top ranking in search engines, no pay-per-click
  • SEM, improving effectiveness of ppc advertisement and other ways of Internet marketing.

What is SEO and what can you expect of SEO?

When Nozzie used SEO techniques in 2001, significant results were measurable within weeks. With limited effort and cost web sites in all categories would achieve huge profits/ sales form effective SEO. Nowadays the impact of SEO is less significant but still often more cost effective than other ways of marketing/ advertising.

Nozzie provides a full solution of web design services and Internet marketing strategy to create a powerful web site to serve your business needs. SEO marketing is very significant to run a cost effective online bussiness.

SEO Search Engine Optimization - Since 2000

Search engine optimization and web design for:

Designer Dog Bed Duvets

#3 ranking in Yahoo within 8 weeks

Search engine optimization and web design for:

Gucci Ties

#1, #2 ranking in Yahoo, Google for 5+ years

Search engine optimization and web design for:

Electric Contractor Palo Alto

#1 ranking in Yahoo

Search Engine Optimization SEO

# 1-3 Ranking in Google, Yahoo or Bing
Designer Ties
Gucci Ties
Interior Design San Diego
Interior Design Beverly Hills
Advertising Balloons
Giant Parade Balloons
Del Mar Real Estate Listings
Electric Contractor San Mateo
Electrical Contractor Palo Alto
and many more....

# 4-8 Ranking in Google, Yahoo or Bing
Dream Homes Del Mar
Marlies Dekkers Lingerie
Discount True Religion Jeans
and many more...

PPC = pay-per-click, which means you select several keyword phrases with google and/ or yahoo advertisement programs and your text ad only will appear when Internet user will search for the that search term in defined geographically areas. When the 'potential client' clicks the ad, you have to pay a fee. No monthly fees apply.

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