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Web usability is important for optimal conversion of potential customers visiting the web site. Often companies pay lots of money (pay-per-click) to get new customer to their web site. But how many of these new visitors will find the product or service they are looking for, like the price and find it easy to check out.

Improved web usability could increase sales by 30% easely. Assuming you pay $1 per new visitor to the web site and currently 2% of the visitors buy the product for $129 (has a $69 margin) that means the profits are:

100 x $1 = - $100
2 sales x $129 = + $258
Gross profit = $158
Product Cost = $120
Profit per 100 visitors = $38

When we implement better navigation, imporved page chunking, important prodcuts on the right place, emphasize why to buy now, and several other techniques, that might result in 30% more sales: 2.6% sales per 100.

instead of $258 the income will be $335.40
Gross profit = $235.40
Product Cost = $120
Profit per 100 visitors = $115.40

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more visitors and better conversion = more sales

better web site = better cashflow

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