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Improved design of the web site results in better conversion

Interface Design

One of the initial steps to create a web site is to "sketch" a interface, and layout the elements to put on the page:

The design of an interface can be divided into:

  • Design elements for each page
  • Design elements specific to certain pages / group pages

Design Elements for Each Page

Most web sites for commercial business will need (there are a very few anomalies):

  • Logo + Tag Line
    Branding: What is the name of the web site/ company, and why am I here? The tag line is very important for smaller/ less know companies as it has to be descriptive and preferably explain why this web site and not another web site where I should spend my money?
  • Navigations
    Focus on your core business: one navigation on every page to navigate the product groups/ services, other navigation(s) for supporting page like "shipping" or "contact". A navigation on the bottom of the web site is in most cases very use full too.
  • Communicate
    Depending on how important it is to be able to contact the company: Having a phone number, live chat can be implemented on each page or in certain areas of the web site. Do not forget that a good amount of visitors on the web site are not there to buy, but need a phone number, address or return authorization information.

To prevent heavy web design bills, do not start an unstructured web design project, where the designer, clients, and anybody else keeps changing their mind for no good reason:

  1. Have a plan: Why do we need web site? Make a list of pages and sections needed.
  2. Do not "over-design" or start programming in the early stages of defining the site, first sketch the interface
  3. Design the raw interface with the emphasize on dividing the web page in sections: where goes the logo, navigation, mental shortcuts and other elements?
  4. Confirm and rollout 2-4 color options
  5. After confirmation, Start programming the web site and lay it out in HTML

Implementing effective Web Usability on the web site can increase conversion by 20%-100%.

Interface web site design in San Diego

top ranking in search engines = more visitors at a low cost = more new customers

more visitors and better conversion = more sales

better web site = more conversion = more cashflow

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