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flash web design

Nozzie can help with Flash web site design, Flash integration and advice regarding Flash use on your web site.

Flash Web Site / Flash Application

Flash can be the right option for the development of your web site. The whole web site can be Adobe Flash based. Smaller Flash application can be used on a non-Flash (HTML) web site. Flash banners or photo animation or animations for other use can be created, to be a part of a HTML or PHP web site. Flash can be used for photo animations, interactive applications and much more.

Flash allows to use more dynamic design which can make the experience more interactive and you can create the exact look you would like (HTML design is more limited).


The Ipad and Iphone are getting more popular and these devices do not support Flash (or support it with extra integration app).
Flash based web design does not work optimal for SEO. A non-flash web site has better changes for top ranking in search engines. However the design in Flash can very stunning and impressive, it can be (very) costly to maintain. (changing in Flash a few pictures in an animation might cost easily double the price than it would cost on a HTML based web site). Lots of campanies find this out the hard way: Flash web design will achieve a very impressive look and interactive feel bu might be really hard (money - cost $) to maintain.

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more visitors and better conversion = more sales

better web site = more conversion = more cash flow

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I will tell you straight to the point or your new ideas for launching a ecommerce web site will make sense, what the cost will be to maintain and how realistic it is the web site will be profitable for the long term.

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Having a professional looking web site does not mean all potential clients will find the web site in search engines. Most web site designers will just create a web site without implementing effective web usability and SEO, which will not serve the purpose.

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