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Nozzie provides a full ecommerce solution of web design services and Internet marketing strategy to create a powerful web site to serve your business needs. Making the right start is extremely essential to become successful.


Nozzie worked with 100+ startup ecommerce web sites over the last 10 years. Many companies had great potential, some did not. It is very important to review your goals and plans for the e-commerce web site before you get started.

Important elements for successful ecommerce web design:

The Product/ Market

  • Is there a need for the product?
  • Is there strong competition in the specific market?
  • Is there a good niche to sell the product at a competitive price?

Can the product being sold for years or is there only one of each?

Every product needs a picture, description, a web page and a link to the web page. How are potential clients come to the web site? The majority of potential customer might come from search engines. Online advertising has been attractive but most markets have become aggressively competitive which often makes it not even possible to break even on the cost of advertising (pay-per-click) and the amount of profits from the sales ), (0.5% - 4% of customers coming from clicks might buy). The Web Site Designing the web site is by far the most important factor to become successful. yahoo store, ebay might be quick starters and bring in some money but less than 1% of the stores make the "real" money. Other ecommerce stores web hosting companies offer for free or a low fee might sound attractive but can you really compete with inferior software and DO YOU GET THE TRAFFIC FROM SEARCH ENGINES?

Traffic from search engines
Ecommerce web design is not just creating a nice looking site. Having a custom made web site, done by a SEO specialist will get you significant more traffic than from a cheap template web site. Optimizing every page of the web site for specific keyword phrases will get you enough traffic to really start selling you products soon. Again PPC advertising is not cost effective for most start-ups. For years I have seen new ecommerce stores spend time on the perfect logo, superior images, fancy graphics, without really thinking about the most important part that you do not sell anything if nobody finds you in search engines (organic search = free).

Nozzie Websolutions consults:

Shopping Cart/ Web Design
Making the right choice which shopping cart and which web design strategy will make the project successful. How to design the web site to have cost control in the future and have full control. Which shopping cart is most useful? Shopify, Ultracart, Paypal, Volusions, Xcart, Zencart, Pineaccle Cart, Interspire, Nexternal?

SEO/ Internet Marketing
Realistic feedback on how much traffic and sales to expect in one month and in six months. How to get cost-effective new customers to the web site. In a later stage email marketing and other communication techniques can be applied to further profit form existing customers.

top ranking in search engines = more visitors at a low cost = more new customers

more visitors and better conversion = more sales

better web site = more conversion = more cash flow

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Ecommerce Web Design


Shopify Shoppingcart


Web Site Design for a Small Business
Get a no-nonsense web site online within weeks. Potential visitors can find you in search engines and company info and contact in

Start-up Ecommere Web Design
I will tell you straight to the point or your new ideas for launching a ecommerce web site will make sense, what the cost will be to maintain and how realistic it is the web site will be profitable for the long term.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization
Having a professional looking web site does not mean all potential clients will find the web site in search engines. Most web designers will just create a web site without implementing effective web usability and SEO.

SHOPPING CART - Ultracart, Paypal, Volusions, Xcart, Zencart, Pineaccle Cart, Interspire, Nexternal.

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