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Paid Internet Marketing Options

Pay for new potential customers to view your web site:

Social Media Paid:

Pay Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to get real potential customers to your web site. Do I have heard amazing stories about this? No. Where are all these companies which are so happy with this paid option? Two main bottlenecks are:

1. Competitors Overpay (As many companies do not undertand the cost of advertising / getting "real customers" to their site at too much money, and overpay bescause they "think" the new customer might be a customer for life (really?).

2. Due to the complexity of data it is almost rare to get a converting campaign at excellent numbers! As Facebook, Intagram etc do not guarantee anyhting, the advertising becomes a process of trying, tweaking and fine tuning. Advice: give yourself a few weeks to finetune a campaign, start at low/ reasonable cost, see the response, review and implement some tweaks.


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Paid Internet Marketing: PPC

Online advertising can be adone with Google, Facebook and several other comapnies. You can define the cost per click for certain search terms, per campaign. You could have one campaign for just Gucci scarves, when people search [exactly] for 'Gucci Scarves' or 'Silk Gucci Scarves' you might get clicks and hopefully real new potential customers.

It gets a bit tricky as the maze of layers and data within Google Adwords makes it almost impossible for somebody with less than 5 hours a month to manage this process and understand really how and where the adversting is coming from.

The default setting in google are pretty genereric. Do you want to get clicks form peopel look fro:

  • similar to "gucci scarves"?
  • USA?
  • 19 year old?
  • automatic raise bids base on google's advice?

Tip: define how much a product cost and sells for, for example:

Cost $100, Sale Price $180 = Margin $80
PPC $1.60 would mean 50 clicks with 1 conversion to brak even, you might want a lot better deal to be profitable as all overhead cost is not calculated here. Do you get 18% returns for example, that return cost still $80 + return processing cost, means zero sales and $100 down the drain!

My advice is: Google, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest will advice you how you can get more clicks, they do NOT emphasize the "lower" cost per conversion your really need. You have to be in charge for that! which results often in very limited amount of clicks (but at a good cost).


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