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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization/ SEO services for small and large companies. Achieve higher ranking in search engines, get more leads to your web site.

Also offered Web Site Usability: Convert more visitors to paying customers.

How much does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) cost?

Search Engine Optimization : Basic: $590 includes:

  • Keywords/ keyword phrases definition/ analysis
  • Implementing keywords in pages (up to 10), rephrase paragraphs when necessary
  • Optimizing link structure within the web site
  • Generating more links to the web site

Summarized feedback about:

  • Paid advertisement options, pay-per-click
  • How to improve ranking for the mid-term and long-term

Additional Search Engine Optimization services:

When more aggressive search engine optimization is needed extra pages and/or web site can be created and links to the web site can be generated.

  • Landing Pages
  • Links (Exchange)
  • More "Content Heavy" Pages

SEO Optimized: Los Angeles Interior Designer

Search Engines



Search Engine Submission

Most search engines do not request web sites to be submitted. Your domain name does not have to be added to Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask Jeeves. Search Engines keep crawling the web and automatically will pick you up. Submitting your web site to is free an useful.

What will help to get be "picked up" by a search engine?

Search engines might find your home page or the might find a link from another web site to your web site. To have external links to your web site (several pages preferably) will improve the probability to get included as soon as possible.

Get more visitors to your web site.

SEO - Successful Examples:






top ranking in search engines = more visitors at a low cost = more new customers

more visitors and better conversion = more sales

better web site = more conversion = more cash flow

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SEO - Search engine Optimization

Sponsored Results:
Paid advertisement with Google, Yahoo, Bing and several smaller search engines. Most of the sponsored listings are text advertisements, and are paid per click (ppc) directly to the search engine. Based on the highest bid and relevance your ad will be placed accordingly.

Top Ranking in Google, Yahoo, Bing (Google, Altavista, Excite, Yahoo and several other search engines in 2000), compared 2000 with 2010:

2000: #1 Ranking meant your web site was on the very top of the returned result page for the search.
2010: #1 Ranking means your web site is on the bottom/middle of the returned result page for the search, below the sponsored links, local listings and/or product results.

SEO in 2010 compared with SEO in 2005 and 2000

2010: It takes longer to get high ranking in search engines, especially in Google
2010: META tags are not significant to achieve high ranking
2010: External links to the web site help, good link structure and formatting on the web site helps too
2010: Keyword phrases on the web page(s) will help, too many does not help however


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