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E-commerce is hot! Start-up a business online within weeks and get direct ROI (Return On Investment) without a heavy investments.

Nozzie specializes in web development and Internet marketing for small businesses.

It is essential to create a strong web site which will be well received by search engines. A web site with well integrated keyword phrases, link structure and web usability will get high ranking in search engines. Organic ranking does not cost anything. This is an important achievement in this competitive market.

Nozzie has experience since 2001 with:

  • Domain Registration
  • Web Hosting including SSL for Secure Processing
  • Basic Shopping Cart Programming/ Paypal Shoppingcart
  • Digital Photography
  • Mailing Lists
  • Internet Marketing: SEO, Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Usability
  • EBay, Yahoo Store, Paypal

Paypal Shoppingcart is a great solution to get started online.

The advantages of Paypal are:
Paypal is easy to implement
Shoppingcart processed on Paypal server, which means no heavy web host package is needed
No monthly fees
Competitive Rates per transaction ($0.30 + 2.9% - above $10.000 monthly = $0.30 + 2.2%)
Paypal member payments and all credit card payments accepted (without signing up)
The disadvantage of Paypal are:
Shopping cart options are limited
People with Paypal account can not pay with any other payment option

Mailing Lists
Long term success for an (online) business is optimizing the sales to current customers instead of trying to get new customers (more expensive) again and again. Sending an monthly newsletter, Sales/ specials updates via email will be a successful way to generate more cash flow without spending a lot.

Ecommerce Web Design San Diego County.

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Competition can increase significantly within weeks!

Easy way to make money!? Yes and No!
It's like every job: people how have better skills and work harder will be successful other people will not be successful.

Serious players with professional skills will be there to stay.

To get started with a new business or using the Internet as an extension for you current business, Nozzie will help you to achieve your goals.

Getting started: a web site
Within 72 hours we get a domain name registered, have web hosting set up and have the first page live on the Internet.

Selling online without having a web site
Ebay is a marketplace to sell items without having your own web site. You need a Paypal account, to make payments easier. You could start with selling a few products and experience the feedback and evaluate the sales before getting in to more serious investments. San Diego, California.

You can research eBay and figure out which products sell, which product do not sell and which product sell with a good margin.

Ebay Training!
Nozzie published in San Diego Reader
June 12, 2003!

Having good exposure on Ebay means that several importers and wholesaler might contact you to sell related products. This is important/ will be helpful as many people are hesitant to get started as they are not sure how/where to get the products. Get started with limited amount of products with low investments and experience or it might be successful.

Ecommerce Web Design San Diego. Start-up a online store.

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Examples of e-Businesses online:
Designer Neckties
English Pine Furniture
Silk Italian Designer Scarves
Teen Girl Clothing


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