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Internet Marketing
  • Top Ranking in Search Engines?
  • Cost Effective Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing has evolved into a maze of paid options and another maze of overhyped (often) non-paid option.

Paying Google for a couple of clicks seemed to have evolved in layers of data and option and with enough effort might barely make sense.

1. Complexity of options: demographics, cost per keyword phrase and more, before you know it Google suggest you (after an hour+ consult) to hire a external company to manage the complex range of date within Google Adwords.

The customer service at Google has come to an abbarising level (2017) as there seem nobody left at the support center whom has any real knowledge of the Google Adwords setup etc. On a frequent base you get useless tips, representative putting your on hold to lookup/ ask about very basic issues.

Summary: google Adwords can work, only when you define the cost per conversion and this might result in just 1 new customer (40-80 clicks) a month, instead of the 40 new customers you can get but a overpriced cost (which means there is no money left for your winter sport trip in February).


Just having a web site does not mean that everybody will find the web site in a search engine.

Nozzie provides several cost-effective solutions to get new clients to your web site and to effectively communicate with current customers.

Nozzie provides both independent consulting and full implementation of SEO and SEM strategy.

Internet marketing services exist of:

  • SEO Web Design
    • Implementing effective SEO when designing the web site will get you the most powerful results
    • When a web site is not well structured or developed in a tougher programming languages it might be an advice to start with a new developed web site to make competition possible
  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Keyword Analysis: Which keywords phrases do potential clients use when searching for you business?
    • Web Site Optimization: Top ranking in search engines.
    • Search Engine Submission: Free submissions and paid submissions

  • Web Site Usability: Branding, Functionality of the web site for better user experience and improved return on investment.
  • Independent Consulting for an effective long term Internet marketing Strategy.

Several clients have over 10,000 visitors to their web site (monthly) at a very reasonable cost.

Internet Consulting San Diego, Professional Internet Consulting in San Diego County. Search Engine Optimization Submission, affordable Internet Marketing. San Diego, California.

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Paid Internet Marketing - Does it really work?


Internet marketing is (or should be) a part of the total marketing plan of a business. Essential services to be successful online are provided by Nozzie:

  • Start up business: Getting direct ROI
  • Improving visitors experience
  • Analyses of competition & keywords
  • Keywords, defining market: re-defining marketing goals
  • Communicate with current customers, optimize selling potential with existing customers: email marketing

Cost-effective Internet marketing

Successful implementation of Ecommerce Business:

Discount Designer Ties - 50,000+ visitors a month, almost no marketing cost. Top ranking for 60+ keyword combination in all mayor search engines. Successful, international clients, low overhead.

Successful implementation of Search Engine Optimization:
www.LRizDesign.com : Interior Design Beverly Hills
www.ComoMilano.com: Silk Designer Scarves and Neckties
www.k1k3visas.com : K1 visas K3 visas
www.KristinLomauro.com : Interior Design San Diego - Rancho Santa Fe


and 50+ other web sites


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